The Knight’s Tale



A sleepy village in the barony of Nevuchar.

A mysterious, heavily armored knight on a rampage.

The people of Aulbesmil need help.

Are you interested in the mystery?  In saving the innocent?  In the reward?





Piros Quill


Aurora Zarmina


Torianne Black

“Tori,” “Anne,”

“Rianne,” “Black”


Gnome Bounty Hunter

Human Bandit

Human Thug

Warforged Druid

Human Jester

Human Barbarian


Who Are the Players in this Tale?

Rocco: A three-foot-six, seventy-pound, brown-haired little manling in leather armor, with a veritable arsenal lining his body.  He wears goggles with blue-glass lenses due to photosensitivity.  He is a jack-of-all-trades.  He enjoys engineering little pieces of machinery into tools to perform simple tasks.  He is a warrior with some roguish skills; he shows honor at times, and at other times he shows less.  He is hearty despite his size, and during combat he tends to disappear and reappear elsewhere moments later.


Piros Quill: A man of average height and weight; fairly handsome.  He wears greens and browns, usually with his face hidden in his hood.  He brings something good, something bad—a little of both.  A certain panache, as it were.  And he’s very good in the forest.


Aurora Zarmina: Aurora has brown hair, violet eyes, is slightly above average height and is slightly slender.   She is very athletic and skilled with the sword.


Groot: Brings healing and natural skills, and is a strong protector, especially of Rocco.  He is a druid, known for strong and fierce defense of his friends.  He is seven feet tall and carries a staff and spears.  As a warforged he wears no discernible clothing.  He speaks little, saying “I am Groot,” a phrase that, somehow, Rocco is able to translate into various statements.  He also travels with a raccoon animal companion, Lylla.


Torianne Black: She is of above average height, very lithe and quick on her feet.  She had black hair and green eyes.  When push comes to shove, she does her best to avoid attracting attention.  As a jester, she is a jack-of-all-trades, with some performance skills, including juggling.  She lives at the Enclave, is very literate and works at times in the Civic District.  She is somewhat distractible, however.


Draga: Draga looks like a walking mountain.  He brings strength to the party.




What’s Come Before (Epilogue from The Missed)

For the first time in this Age, the sun touches the earth.  It brings a welcoming, beckoning warmth.  The cold retreats, unwanted.  Seeds within the earth begin to respond at once, though it will be days before the first shoots emerge. 

Time begins to flow.  Civilizations are founded.  First, Barovia.  Then other domains.  Events transpire as they should, though the world itself is subtly different.  Stewarded at a distance by a new group of immortals, these agents touch the Lands of Mist from afar.  They do not shape events, but they nudge the development of the era.  Magic is more resilient, priests are subtly more powerful when they wield the magicks of their deities.  The power of mortals continues to grow and strengthen just as the powers of the creatures who terrorize them, until the greatest of heroes is much more a match for the greatest of monsters.

The people of the Age of Mists do not realize the quiet differences in their world.  For them, they are not changes.  When a wizard in the House of Sages unearths an ancient copy of a ninth-circle spell of white necromancy, it is catalogued as the first of its kind.  Decades later, it is joined by a second.  When a sorcerer unlocks the ability to cast a spell that allows him to fuel his own magicks with his blood and will, there is no sense that this discovery has been made before.  The bread crumbs he followed to his revelation were laid in another time, and the gift of knowledge is spread among the most powerful of sorcerers.

So go the gifts of the Goblinslayers of the Iron Crown, millennia before they are born in domains that have yet to be founded.  And yet they are present.  At a distance, nurturing the world they sacrificed so much to save, time and again.  They are present, sensed in the moment when heroic luck is all that stands between an adventurer and imminent doom.  When the greatest quarry threatens to escape but the hunter knuckles down with one last push.  When the mystical energies of the Elfin Wood rise to meet the threat of the Dead of Necropolis one more time. 

The band of heroes known for a king who will slumber for generations before stealing back the Land of the Dead is present.  They watch from the Mists, from the first rays of morning light, and from the new constellation that shines down upon all domains.  They have saved the Lands of Mist, and the people of their era know of them.  Their names are synonymous with legend, though their greatest deed happened at the dawn of time.

The people of the Mists will never stop peering into the skies and the shadows and crowded streets hoping for a glimpse of them.  They will never be forgotten. 

They will always be The Missed.




The Borderlands 762: The Setting

The Borderlands of eastern Darkon lie beyond the iron grasp of the Azalin Rex, or so he allows his subjects to believe.  It has been the site of the skirmish war with the black-skinned Araki elves.  It once crawled with gnolls under the command of Naresh.  To this day, bandits creep beneath the boughs of the Forest of Shadows, evading patrols that seek them.

Explorers have not been deterred though.  The adventurous spirit of the humanoid races have led to exploration and settlement, despite the fact that many small settlements are burned to the ground within weeks of construction.  Populations were kept low, but that did not stop new ground from being broken. 

There is one shining beacon in the barony.  Not the capital, which is lost in its own politics and intrigue.  The point of light that grew to shelter the villages and thorps and hamlets of Nevuchar barony is called the Enclave.  From this keep on the borderlands roam patrols of Dawnblades, Keepers of the Veil, Donavon Swordsmen, and other heroes.  Life is still hard in Nevuchar, but with the promise of safety nearby, the villages have begun to prosper.  From Raske and Riverslye Homestead along the Vuchar River to Silverton in the foothills of the Mountains of Misery, and many points dotting the landscape in between.  

One such village is Aulbesmil.  And Aulbesmil has a problem.