Black Sails over Leudendorf

Blood on the Docks



There is unrest in Leudendorf, as the Lawgiver’s Eye finds all it surveys to be unworthy.  As the seasons change unpredictably, and the domain changes to mirror others across the Lands of Mist, the very world appears to be falling apart.  But now a keen-eyed group of adventurers begins to see evidence that something at the very heart of this disaster might well have its roots deep in the history of Leudendorf



















Elfin Archer

Human Gypsy

Human Witch

Deva Blademaster

Human Anchorite

Elfin Bladesinger

Human Highwayman


October 5, 740: The Beginning

Act I, Scene I: Blood on the Docks

They had met the night before, an unlikely assortment of heroes, rogues, travelers and seekers.  After a few rounds at the same tavern they were talking, and by the time they parted ways it made sense to them that they would meet again in the morning.  After all, they were all in the Pirate City, the City of Adventure, and none of them had any pressing matters.  From the “Blind Potter” Draya to the man known to most as “Rook,” who always had his ear to the ground, to the “Drunken Elf” Ketham and the those newer to town like the “Gypsy” Romany Grey and the “Apothecary” Sakari Curtis—and even the truest newcomers, the Anchorite Gabriella Fidanza and the Bladesinger Tianna—None of them had any pressing business or plans.  In fact, Romany Grey had recently stumbled across the family she had come to Leudendorf to find.  Rook was none other than her brother, Jonathan “Johnny” Grey.

The next morning they were sober, but they all showed up nonetheless.  Perhaps there had been others at the bar last night who had decided against coming.  Most of them could be entirely certain.  The sun rose red over the Docks, and the adventurers walked in a moment of awkward silence.  Rather than facing the day alone with nothing to do, for just a moment it seemed they might face the day together with nothing to do.  Then the gnome entered their lives.

He came dashing out of the crowd as a shipload of mountain men began to disembark.  Panting, pale and flustered, he stopped before the adventurers and said to them, “I thought you’d never get here!”

Then he handed Gabriella a scrollcase, and the adventurers found that their adventure had begun…



October 5, 740: A Gnome and Four Sea Dogs

Gabriella takes the scrollcase, and the gnome immediately begins to speak terms.  He offers the adventurers fifty gold kroner now, and another hundred fifty when they meet him in one hour at the Rusty Hook.  The adventurers ask him some questions, but the gnome is flustered and frightened.  He reveals very little, and when he is asked who is after him, the gnome points over his shoulder and cries, “Them!”

Four sea dogs bearing drawn cutlasses round the corner of a nearby shop, looking for the gnome.  In an instant, the gnome is off.  The sea dogs spot him at once and prepare to give chase, but their path now leads directly into the long line of mountain men disembarking from their ship.

Gabriella quickly grasps the scrollcase behind her tall kite shield emblazoned with the symbol of Ezra, Our Guardian in the Mists.  The sea dogs scan past the adventurers, taking no notice of them for now.  They are intent on the gnome.  As the sea dogs enter the mass of surly mountain men, they hastily raise their blades to cut a path before them.  The mountain men, bolstered by sheer numbers, are unlikely to fall away.

Hoping to delay the sea dogs, Rook attempts to trip a mountain man near him.  He hopes to ensure a fight between the mountain men and the sea dogs, but the man he strikes is balanced to endure the sweeping attack.  The mountain man bellows in rage, and a three-way battle begins.

The adventurers are aware that this is no dungeon battle.  On the Docks of Leudendorf, blood may be spilled on the hour, but very few fights involve lethal force.  The sea dogs’ bared steel was intended to intimidate.  The mountain men had not reached for the axes and hammers at their belts.

Ketham unfurls a rope and tosses it to Tianna.  The two of them race forward, trying to entangle and trip as many men as possible.  Rook goes down, as does a mountain man.  Two sea dogs dash through the crowd, into Draya, Romany and Gabriella.  When the other two attempt to follow, the combination of the elves’ rope and mountain men’s grasping hands bring them down in a tangle of limbs.

Romany chases after the gnome, leaving her new companions to delay with the sea dogs.  After a moment to tie a ribbon to Draya’s staff and give him a kiss on the cheek, Kari follows Romany.  Inspired by the muse’s kiss, the Blind Potter is more than prepared for the challenges that will soon come his way.  The two women catch the gnome easily enough and drag him through the nearest open door, shutting it behind them.

As Gabriella shifts her focus from the sea dogs to a larger strategy, Draya handles both sea dogs.  The Blind Potter reveals that he has considerable skill with his quarterstaff, and with Kari’s inspiration as a muse he strikes rapidly and efficiently.  All the same, he delivers nearly every blow in a fashion that trips or subdues.  The two sea dogs who broke past the mountain-man line are left unconscious on the street.

Though hostilities are mounting, Gabriella begins to bring about the end of the melee.  She calls upon Our Guardian in the Mists to summon a cloud of grasping mist over a narrow stretch of the Docks.  Within the dense fog, reaching tentacles can be seen. 

For the moment the mountain men continue to react to the attacks on both their flanks in rage.  One tries to draw an ax but Rook intimidates him with a flintlock to the face.  Two others manage to draw axes.  One merely uses his to distract Ketham so his burly partner can drive a shoulder into Ketham and shove the elf into the Mists.  Ezra’s power does not injure the elf, though.  When Ketham emerges, the mountain men are stunned.  The second mountain man uses his ax to draw blood.  He sinks its head into the shoulder of one of the sea dogs, eliciting a cry of pain and gout of blood.

Rook, brandishing his belt pistols, keeps more mountain men at bay until the combined sight of the Mists—and Gabriella emerging, unscathed, to draw her friends back into the fog bank—break their morale.  The two conscious sea dogs rise and flee, one nursing his shoulder wound.

Gabriella leaves the Mists to cling to the Docks for a few more minutes, allowing the bank to stand as a barrier between the adventurers and both the mountain men and the sea dogs a bit longer.  She does walk the Mists that she conjured, though, guiding stevedores who were trapped in the sudden swell to safety.



October 5, 740: In the Kitchen

Romany and Kari trap the gnome in the kitchen of a tavern just around the corner from where he fled the sea dogs.

They try to calm the gnome, but he screams, insisting that “they” will get him.  He pulls at Romany’s grasp, but she clings to him for several minutes as he writhes and cries out.  Desperate to calm him, Kari rubs an herbal remedy onto the gnome’s arm.  In a matter of minutes it should sedate him, unless his panic carries him through the dosage she applied. 

Just as it seems the herbs are about to take effect, the gnome rips free of Romany’s grasp and vanishes into the air.  As he goes, he whines, “Just find me at the Rusty Hook, you biiiiitch…”



October 5, 740: Resolution

Ketham is insistent that the adventurers continue on their way and meet up with Romany and Kari later, but Rook cannot allow it.  He doubles back, intent on finding his sister.  Fortunately, as he rounds the corner, he spots Romany and Kari emerging from the kitchen, a bit thunderstruck by the gnomes screaming and panic.  The sight of them, safe and unharmed, is enough.  He trots back to the others, and the adventurers consider where to reunite, and what to do with the strange gnome’s scrollcase.