Campaign One:


Youth Amid Darkness

The bonds of friendship are tested as the Children of Kirablis make a name for themselves in service to Baron Theg Wrillis of Rivalis as slayers of Night Terrors. A deadly reptile cult rises in the Rushmoors north of Old Lane, and the heroes have no choice but to stand for their domain against the forces of the Darkonese Night. The Children are lauded with praise, gold, and honors, including initiation into the Fraternal Order of the Spade--a local organization of farmers and workers of the land--and the direct attention of both the baron and an emissary of King Azalin. But their success attracts the attention of an even greater evil. The legacy of the Reptile God is long-reaching, but the power of the Children's true nemesis is far more deadly.

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Campaign Two: The Grand Conjunction


Exodus and Respite (Part I of III)

In the company of new friends, the children of Kirablis face a new series of adventures, ones that will take them far from home before they can hope to return again. They learn of the domain of Lamordia, and they are grabbed by the Mists and dropped into a horrid desert domain.  There, a war is raging where no mortal was ever intended to tread.  The journey home claims one of their lives, but the heroes all learn that there are worse things than losing a friend—including having that friend returned to them.  More old friends leave along the way; it is the enemy who proves tireless...




Campaign Two: The Grand Conjunction

In the House of Daegon Born (Part II of III)

The Respite has ended.  The heroes have many options before them, and the lives of so many people are in their hands that they cannot possibly save all of them.  As they begin to ponder how to plot their course, they are reminded once again, the Night remembers, and for the first time the heroes face an enemy that threatens them from within their own ranks.  Fatalities become more numerous than ever before, and clues from David Mark indicate that the heroes may not yet understand just how many of their friends have died in their absence.  Farther south, the mystery of the red moon seen in the night sky in 736 is revealed, and its ties to Pantheon are understood.  Couplets of the Six Signs continue to come true, and the heroes begin to understand their role in the coming events.

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Campaign Two: The Grand Conjunction

Upheaval in the Land (Part III of III)

Only one of the Six Signs remains to unfold, and with it will come untold destruction across the Lands of Mist.  The heroes have the backing of the most powerful government in all the Lands, but will even that be enough as they come to understand that which was said long ago.  The words of Inajira under the Chateau d’Honaire, and the promise of a vistana seer met briefly long ago ring loudly as the still misunderstood advice of Rebeccah Gorning.  As the heroes shudder to embrace any of their most powerful allies, they look ahead to what is likely the end of the world…



Campaign Two Crossover

The Leudendorf Chronicles

The year 740 brought changes to the Lands of Mist that will never be fully fathomed.  Called the Great Upheaval, this massive restructuring of geography was only partially rooted in the physical world.  Those who came to understand it more would learn that this time of troubles spanned other realities, and its repercussions descended from the realms of the very immortals.  Despite its far-reaching effects, however, few places felt the impact of the Great Upheaval as directly as the coast town of Leudendorf, Lamordia.  Here, a handful of heroes stood in the way of a forgotten god, while domains waged war around them.



Campaign Three:

The Ascension

The world has been saved and the new age has dawned.  The heroes have a rare moment to plot their own actions, to choose their futures and either revel or crusade as they see fit.  For those who have chosen—or been chosen for—the lives they lead, these moments are rare and all too often fleeting.  As they would find out, this opportunity would be short-lived.  Trouble would soon find them on a scale they could not have predicted.  But until that point they had time.  Time when the clock did not seem to be running out.  Time that, for once, seemed to be on their side.




Campaign Four:

The War of Shadows

For almost twenty years the heroes known as the Goblinslayers have done battle against the forces arrayed against the people of the Core.  From humble roots, a legend has grown that is revered or reviled from the Sea of Sorrows in the west to the newly revealed Nocturnal Sea to the east.  To the faithful of the Lawgiver, they are infidels responsible for the decade-long silence Bane has afforded them.  To the Four Towers they are northern aggressors with the inexplicable sympathy of the House of Sages.  In Karina they are the worst sort of demon-worshiper.  To the people of Leudendorf, though, they are mighty heroes, and the citizens of Necropolis see them as the gleaming symbol that tomorrow may dawn brighter, warmer and safer.  In the wake of the Grim Harvest, the Goblinslayers face their greatest challenge to date: The world is fractured deeper than the wounds suffered in Necropolis.  Magic is broken, and an entity older than Time struggles against ancient bonds.  The world continues to shift and change in the wake of the Great Upheaval, but it is a greater darkness that looms on the horizon…



Campaign Five:

To Save A Soul

Four years after the War of SHADOWS, the Lands of Mist continue the struggle towards recovery.  For the first time, the Age of Mists progresses unfettered by the gods of the Age of Magic.  The Iron Father has been banished to the Nine Hells, and the symbology of the Father once again retreats from the public eye.  But in the wake of conflicted Ages, the domain of Borca has been cleansed of sentient life, and the number of archmagi in the Core can likely be counted on one hand—representing an unprecedented loss of both power and learning.  There is a resurgence in faith, however, as a robe of anchorite churches swaddles the Core in its moment of weakness, and signs and portents tell that something stirs in the east.  The heroes once known as the Goblinslayers of the Iron Crown have transcended the power of mere mortals.  Their names are whispered—or cheered—across the Core.  But apart from their great power they are known for their compassion.  And one snowy December day both that power and that compassion will be called upon in equal measure…



Campaign Six:

A Destiny in Light

The test of a hero is the caliber of his villain.  For more than three decades the Goblinslayers of the Iron Crown have accumulated enemies more fearsome than any other rogues’ gallery.  They have defeated the worst horrors slumbering beneath the Sea of Sorrows.  They have walked the charred corridors of the House of Leaves and stood face to face with its minotaur.  They have stood their ground among the twisting spirits of a village of heroes, battling the father of the God of Tyranny.  It is hard to imagine what could challenge these heroes in their final days.  But the worst remained to be seen.  One day soon, the Lorekeeper would put his pen to parchment and write the tale of the Goblinslayers’ greatest hour, when the world cried out from a crumbling precipice and only the greatest heroes of the Age of Mists could answer.  What had begun as a Youth in Darkness ended as it only could: As a Destiny in Light.