Years before the sage van Richten put pen to paper to catalog his renowned Guides, over a decade before the Grand Conjunction reshaped the face of the Lands of Mist, and longer still before the Grim Harvest ascended Death to power in the land that was always his, there was Kirablis.




From Youth in Darkness
To A Destiny in Light!





          To the casual passerby, Kirablis did not seem unlike any other hamlet in the Forest of Shadows. It stood nestled on a road north of Rivalis, a path rarely traveled by men riding the King's Way to the capital of Il Aluk. There was a mill outside of town where men worked diligently day after day, and the MacCloud ranch provided horses of the finest stock to any traveler or businessman with enough coin to afford them. Above town, a shepherd walked the pastures among his flock with three orphan children, and the woodcutter gruffly greeted visitors alongside his own adopted daughter.

            There was a census taker who had come from Il Aluk to survey the area long ago, and had stayed for reasons between her and her masters alone. She lived in the stagehouse, which had been constructed in Kirablis during a time when it seemed the village would be a main stopover point for a new road to be built connecting Rivalis and the thriving port of Martira Bay.

            A wizard lived in Kirablis, a venerable fellow named Valdis Vaniir. Legends made Master Vaniir out to be everything from a demon-conjuring blackguard to a retired hero of the skirmish war with Arak. Vaniir himself never spoke; he merely sat alone at his fire, trusting his three apprentices to complete their educations without him as he contemplated forgotten ages.

            The people of Kirablis, from Master Abital the cobbler to Martel Walker the storekeeper to Hans Milani the teamster lived in quiet peace with the world around them. They obeyed the king's curfew, they shied away from the city whenever possible, they enjoyed the little things in life and dealt as best they could with its failures. They never failed to see their children to Madame Gibbon's for schooling, trusting the old marm from Richemulot to sculpt their youth into a stronger, more capable future.



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            But dark forces were aware of the people of Kirablis. As time went on, and the children of the small village banded together to use their unique talents and training to carry on the work of their mentors and fathers, those forces would turn more attentively to observe them.

            It would not be long until the attentions of such raw evil would be felt. There were secrets in Kirablis like there are in every small town, but the words unspoken in Kirablis held the attention of not only a darkness beyond fathoming but also the King's Kargat. It would not be long before the forces arrayed against one another began the inevitable skirmishes that would lead to a war that would reshape the Lands of Mist forever...